For anyone who would like to use the First Folios within this site for teaching purposes, our academic advisor Emma Smith, Professor of Shakespeare Studies at Oxford University, has created two key resources, which are full of ideas and activities to help you integrate the First Folio into your teaching of Shakespeare.

There are two sets of resources available below: one is designed for school-age students (Key Stage 5 (UK) / 11-12th Grade (US)); the second is for university/college teaching at undergraduate level.

In each resource you will find suggestions for further reading, questions and activities to introduce students to the First Folio. The school-age resource offer structured lesson plans, and the undergraduate document offers a pool of ideas and activities, which you can tailor to your own teaching needs. Questions and examples will prompt further exploration of these fascinating sources through thematic areas including race and gender, stage-to-page and Shakespeare’s early readers.

This resource offers structured ideas to engage students at Key Stage 5/ 11-12th Grade and to get them exploring myriad uses of the First Folio for exploring Shakespeare and Renaissance drama practice.


This document offers support for those looking for ways to teach using the First Folio. Questions and examples will prompt further exploration of the famous document and encourage students to question what can be learned by interrogating and comparing First Folio copies.

We would love to hear how you’ve been using these ideas in your teaching. You can share this, and any other feedback you might have, by using the #firstfolioscompared hashtag on X (formerly Twitter) or by contacting us directly.